Department of Food Science and Technology - IPB - Facilities

Faculty of Agricultural technology and Engineering;  Bogor Agricultural University
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Teaching and Research Facilities 

The Department of Food Science and Technology is supported by excellent facilities for teaching and research, including classroom, teaching laboratories, research laboratories for food processing, food chemistry, food biochemistry, food microbiology, and sensory laboratory), and computer center. Students are accsible to Central Library, Agricultural Technology Information Center at Faculty of Agricultural Technology, and teaching and research facilities in SEAFAST Center (research laboratories, distance learning classroom, and food processing pilot plant).

Food Processing Laboratory and Pilot Plant

ImageFood processing laboratory and pilot plants are located at Department, SEAFAST Center anf F-technopark. We have various food processing equipment at laboratory and/or pilot plant scale, such as: fruit juice pasteurization line, canning line, pasteurized milk processing line, horizontal/vertical still retort, bakery processing line, meat processing line, starch extraction line, noodle processing line, oil extraction line, sugar extraction line, tea processing line, tofu processing line, fermentor, extruder, ice cream maker, drum drier, spray drier, tunnel drier, automated fluidized bed drier, starch extraction line, flour processing line, deep frrying, vacuum frying, freeze dryer, spray dryer, supercritical fluid extractor and evaporator. The processing equipments are used for laboratory practices and research. The food processing laboratory is also equipped by some analytical instruments, such as colorimeter, texture analyzer, Aw-meter. The pilot plant is used for class work (undergraduate and postgraduate programs), food research and product development, pilot plant trials, and training program.

Food Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

ImageThere is a sensory laboratory located in SEAFAST Center, which is equipped with modern kitchen for sample preparation, 10 testing booths for panelists, and discussion room. The laboratory is designed to provide facilities for sensory evaluation for research, food product development, assessment of quality and shelf-life of food products.

Food Chemistry Laboratory

Major research instruments are available in food chemistry laboratory at our Department and SEAFAST Center, such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), gas chromatography (GC), high-pressure liquid chromatographic (HPLC), GC-MS, pH-meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, DSC, FTIR, and polarized microscopes. The laboratory is also completed with work station for flavor application research for flavor development, such as identification of peptide and nitrogenous compound contributing to umami flavors from fish.

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