Faculty of Agricultural technology and Engineering;  Bogor Agricultural University
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Research Program

Research has been one of the strength of DFST of Food Science and Technology (DFST)- IPB. Research activity at Department level was considerably high in the past five years. It can be seen from the number of Faculty members receiving research projects. In the last four years, 20-24 research projects were conducted annually. The research budget came from competitive grant scheme provided by government (suvh as Department of Agriculture, Department of National Education and Ministry of Research and Technology) and collaborative researches with other institutions and private sectors (such as IAEA, AAECP, Hokkaido University and Texas A & M University, Australian Wheat Board, PT ISM Bogasari Flour Mills, etc). The research activities involved undegraduate and graduate students as parts of their final project. The research findings has also increased number of national and international publications and enriched course materials that will give benefit to students.

Performance Indicators

The he research performance at DFST level is evaluated by the following indicators:

  • Number of research projects funded
  • Number of staff member involved in research project
  • Number of national and international research collaboration with government instutution and private sector
  • Research funds generated in food security area
  • Number of undergraduate and graduate students involved in research project
  • Number of manuscript published in peer-reviewed national and international journals
  • Number of presentation in national and international scientific meeting
  • Number of food related policy proposed by DFST to government
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 June 2010 )