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Written by fkusnandar   
Friday, 30 July 2010

Coinsided  with the the process of evaluation and determination of Food Technology Study Program by HERB-IFT, students of Food Technology Study  Program of Bogor Agricultural University who have joined  "Crantz" and "Zuper T" teams have successfully  won the First and Second winners of  international competition on the International Food Technology "Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 10 Annual Meeting and Food Expo," held on 17 - 20 July 2010 at McCormick Place, Chicago, the  United States. The other Indonesian teams, students of Faculty of Food Technology of Brawijaya University, Malang,  who are members of "Arrice"team have won the Third Place. The Evening Receptions, during which the winners were  announced, was held on  19 July 2010 and was attended by the Consuller of the Indonesian Embassy for  Information, Social and Culture, Ms.  Sylvia Shirley Malinton, and the Junior Consuller, Redo Ferdiansyah, who  represented the  Consulate General of the Government of Indonesia  in Chicago, which proivded strong support for the  Indonesia's participation in this competition.

Those three Indonesia teams who worn traditional costumes  proudly received the "award" in front of more than 1000 audiences  who gave their applouses for them in Grand Ball Room, Hilton Hotel, Chicago.  Those Indonesia teams had successfully beated 30 other teams from Malaysia, South Africa and Indonesia, in the final round of the international food technology competition, for  developing countries category, on May 2010.   Held at McCormick Place building, the largest and leading exhibition center in Chicago and the Midwest of the U.S., the winner, the "Crantz" Team who are consisted of four students, Saffiera Karleen, Margaret Octavia, Stephen, and Danang Wibowo Agus, in the morning of 19 July 2010 presented their  research findings on breakfast cereal "Crantz", which is  made of cassava, soybeans, and bananas, and contaiing high protein and energy, as an attempt to overcome protein deficiency for children in Indonesia, particularly in NTT (Eastern part of Nusa Tenggara). This findings were reported in their scientific reprot on "Healthy cassava flakes (Crantz flakes) from the best local resources with high protein and energy for the bright future children in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.  

Second winner, "Zuper T" Team which are consisted of five students, Zulfahnur, Henni Septiana, Laras Aryandini, Helena Widyasitoresmi, and Eri Suhesti presented their research findings on the puffs of cereal made of tempeh, bananas, and corn as healthy snacks at an affordable price. Their research report on "High protein puffed cereal triple mix based on soybean, corn, and banana to Produce safe snack food for school-aged children in Indonesia", have promotted puff cereal as a healthy food snacks to substitute snacks which contain preservatives and harmful dyes. Crants and Zuper T teams were supervized by several lecturers of Bogor Agricultural University as follows:  Dr Dahrul Shah, Prof. Purwiyatno Hariyadi, and Dr. Ruth Dewanti Hariyadi, Dr.  Feri  Kusnandar, and Dr. Eko Purnomo.  

For Bogor Agricultural University, it is the the second time for the University to  participate in such event. In the year 2009, Bogor Agricultural University won the Third Winner of the "“9th Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo"  in Anaheim, California. At this event the University presented  its researchfindings on ”Maize  noodles fortified by  iron for pregnant women”.   According to the Consul of Information, Social and Cultural Rights, Ms. Sylvia Shirley Malinton, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Chicago appreciated and acknowledged the strugles of the three  teams in their  efforts to get funding support for them to participate in the international food competition and successf keep thelly to keep the  good reputation of Indonesia in the  international forum. Their participations were funded by the the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia, Bogor Agricultural University,  as well as several private leading food companies in Indonesia's.  

The three teams expressed their gratitude and pride to represent  Indonesia and was successfully won in this  International Food Technology competition. This winning is  at the same time has demonstrated the international community of the  advancement of science and technology in Indonesia, especially in food technology which is equaal with the development in the developed countries. It is expected that the research findings that utilize local resources will be important for Indonesia in its efforts to produce healthy and prosperous generation.

The10th  Annual Meeting and IFT Food Exhibition was attended by approximately 24,000 participating members and non-members from 75 countries and attended by more than 1000 exhibitors booth.The  Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) is a non-profit international organization that responsible for the development of science and food technology. This Largest Food Technology organizations in the world has about 22,000 registered members spread  all over the  world. The next  11th IFT Annual  Meting  will be scheduled in June 2011, to held in  New Orleans, the USA.

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