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Short course on Food Processing Technology of Local Commodities


In order to support national food diversification and food security programs, the product development based on local commodities (such as sweet potato, corn, sago, cassava, aloevera, etc) should be taken into account. Department of Food Science and Technology and SEAFAST Center offer Short course on food processing technology based on local commodities, such as sweet potato flour, corn noodle, fruit juice, bakery, aloevera cocktail, etc. The Short course program in this area will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to potential users.

Course Description

This course will provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to process food materials in a pilot plant scale. Available processing facilities at our pilot plant are pasteruzation unit for fruit juice and cocktail, automatic filling machine for fruit juice, still retort, noodle processing unit, soymilk pasteurization unit, fermentor, bakery processing unit, deep frying unit, meat ball processing unit, vaccuum packaging, milling machine, extruder, spray dryer, drum dryer, baking oven, multifuctional noodle machine. etc. 

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial for potential entrepreneur, anybody working in the food industry or small scale industry, especially processing managers, process developers and R&D staff. The course will also be beneficial to government officers who are responsible in the development and commercialization of agriculture processing technology. 

Course content

The course includes lectures and practicals work in our pilot plant facility. Participants will gather information and develop an understanding of the specific processing technology:

  • Corn/sago noodle or vermicelli
  • Sweet potato flakes
  • Extruded cereals
  • Sweet potato flour and its products
  • Pasteurized juice, cocktail, and pickle
  • Fermented soymilk
  • Soybean products (fermented soybean and tofu)
  • Bakery


The trainers (instructors) come from SEAFAST Center and Department of Food Science and Technology. They have academic background and practical experience in the development of food processing technology:

  • Mrs. Suliantari (fermentation technology)
  • Mr. Subarna (cereal based products)
  • Dr. Feri Kusnandar (pasteurization of fruit juice and noodle processing technology)
  • Mrs. Nur Wulandari (bakery processing technology)
  • Mr. Tjahja Muhandri (noodle processing technology)
  • Dr. Nugraha Edhi Suyatma (packaging technology)
  • Mrs. Elvira Syamsir (meat processing technology)
  • Mr. Dase Hunaefi (pasteurization of fruit juice)

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Further information, contact:
Department of Food Science and Technology - IPB
Phone/Fax 62-251-8626725
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it              

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