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Short Course on Management of New Food Product Development



Product development is a process in which new food product ideas are generated, and the products themselves are created and marketed. It involves conceptualization, formulation, processing testing, and marketing foods products. The products may be totally novel or improvement modifications of existing products. Through product development, a food manufacturer expands the variety of produts offered to consumers. New product ideas present challenges to the manufacturer in terms of development cost, formulation and processing technology, testing and marketing strategis. Thousands of new product ideas are generated annually, but the vast majority of them fail for one reason or another. Therefore, to eliminate the failure of launched products in marketplace, new product development needs to be as organized and efficient a process as possible. One way to accomplish this is to employ the scientific method in product research and development, and to understand and follow a defined sequence of steps that facilitate the introduction of the new product to consumers. 

Course Description

The Short course provides scientific and practical knowledge and shared experience on how food producers generate new food products from concept to commercial products. The information about the sequential product development process The course includes lectures and discussion. 

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial for anybody working in the food industry, primarily food process developers and R&D staff where an understanding of product development is required.  

Course content

Participants will gather information and develop an understanding of the following area:

  • The importance of food product development in food bussiness and hedgehog concept
  • Concept of new food product development
  • R&D Organization in food product development
  • Development of formulation in food product development
  • Design experiment to develop prototype and commercial product
  • The role of the sensory evaluation in food product development
  • Ethnography in food industry
  • Case study on the development of new food product: problems, challanges and lesson learned
  • Design of consumer’s testing and product launching
  • Development of business plan


The trainers (instructors) from SEAFAST Center, Department of Food Science and Technology and experienced person from food industry.

  • Dr. Nuri Andarwulan
  • Mr. Suseno Hadi Purnomo, MBA (food industry)
  • Dr. Feri Kusnandar
  • Dr. Dede R. Adawiyah

June 22-24, 2010

Place : Seafast Center IPB, Darmaga

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Further information,
contact:Dr. Nuri Andarwulan
SEAFAST Center IPBPhone/Fax 62-251-8626725
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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