Faculty of Agricultural technology and Engineering;  Bogor Agricultural University
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Professional Master of Food Technology

What is Professional Master? 

In a global competition era, food products from Indonesia must be able to compete with other food products from other countries.


The curriculum of Professional Master of Food Technology covers the following areas:

Educational Facilities

Graduate students may explore many diverse interests at academic library in Central Library, Food Science Library at SEAFAST Center, and Agricultural Technology Information Center at Faculty of Agricultural Technology. 

Selection of Supervisor

Each student should select major supervisor for final project. The supervisor should represent the academic areas required for successful completion of the student's work. With the direction of major supervisor, student may also select an advisory committee member. Additional information on the procedure of selection of supervisor and advisory committee members may be found in the Graduate School Web Page.

Research Project

At the end of semester (Semester 4), students are required to perform research project at a certain area. The topic of final project must be approved by the student's supervisory committee. The student conducts the project and prepares the thesis under the direction of the supervisor. Students are required to have a minimum of 6 credits hours of research project.


Additional information related to the plan of study for Professional Master Program can be found in the Graduate School Web Page.