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Category: [Food Process Engineering]  

Prof.Dr. Rizal Syarief

Prof.Dr. Rizal Syarief

Academic Background

  • Undergraduate (Agricultural Engineering, IPB, Indonesia)

  • MSc (Industrial Technology, University of de Nantes, France)

  • PhD (Food Science, University of de Nantes, France)

  • E-mail

    Areas of Expertise

  • Food Packaging and Storage Technology (FST 431, Undergraduate Program)

  • Advanced Food Storage and Packaging Technolog (FST 632, Postgraduate Program)

  • Packaging, Labelling and Shellf-life Coding (FST 535, Professional Master of Food Technology)

  • Research Interests
  • Food storage system and management

  • Food packaging

  • Hydrothermic characteristic and microflora ecology and micotoxin

  • Shelf-life prediction modeling

  • Selected Research Publications
  • Hermanianto, J., R. Syarief and Zakiah W. 2000. Physicochemical analysis on extrudates made from by-products rice milling industry (broken rice and brain), Journal of Food Technology and Industry, 11(1): 5-10.

  • Syarief, R., J. Hermanianto and E. Ernawati. 2000. Nutrition evaluation of extrusion products made from rice milling byproducts (broken rice and rice bran), Journal of Food Technology and Industry, 11(1): 30-35.

  • Arpah, M. and R. Syarief. 2000. Evaluation shelf-life equation models derived from unidirectional Fick's Law Journal of Food Technology and Industry, 11(1): 11-16.

  • Arpah, M., R. Syarief, dan S. Daulay. 2002. Application of Days Until Caking Test In Shelf-Life Determination of Powders, Journal of Food Technology and Industry, 13(2).

  • Andarwulan, N., T.J. Susanto and R. Syarief. 1999. Antioxidative fraction of the leaves of betel (Piper betle L.). Phytochemicals and Phytopharmaceuticals. Chapter 31, pp. 342-348. AOCS Press, Champaign, Illinois.

  • Syarief, R. 1998. Production and marketing of small scale tempe industry in Indonesia. Proceeding International Tempe Symposium. Indonesian Tempe Found, pp. 221-334.

  • Syarief, R., L. Ega, C. C. Nurwitri . 2003. Mikotoksin Bahan Pangan. IPB Press, Bogor.

  • Professional Organization
    Member of Indonesian Food Technologist Association (PATPI)